T5 Fluorescent Lighting – Eco-Saver Tube

Our Cutting Edge T5 Lights Have a Return on Investment as Fast as 6 Months and Comes With a 3 Year Warranty

Each T5 Light Includes Significant Government Rebates & Guaranteed Instant Savings for Your Business


The T5 Eco-Saver Fluorescent Lighting Tube:

The Australian Owned & Designed T5 Eco-Saver Fluorescent Tube has been designed to reduce power consumption of your fluorescent lighting by more than 50%, while maintaining light levels to AS/NZS 1680 standards.


  • The T5 eco-saver is an easy replacement for the common T8, T10 & T12 fluorescents

eco_saver2This fantastic light will achieve immediate savings on your electricity bill for your company while obtaining a great Return On Investment – usually less than 12 months (however most of our clients have achieved a ROI of between 6 and 9 months!) – using a product with a 7-year on ballast/3-year on tube guarantee, it provides assurance on quality and reliability, so it really is an easy decision to make. Click the lighting survey link below or alternatively click here for a free lighting survey and quote. Otherwise you may call us on 1300 286 805 to speak to one of our friendly staff.


  • Over 50% reduction on energy usage with immediate savings generated
NSW Energy Savings Scheme
- How we are able to provide you with an affordable price & strong return on investment:

The eco-saver T5 (a replacement for T8, T10 and T12 fluorescent tubes) has been accredited for use under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, and this is how we are able to provide you with the T5 tube at a very affordable price. It is government funded incentives like this one that reduce your return on investment period.

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is an energy efficiency scheme based on the trading of Energy Savings Certificates (ESC’s) in operation within NSW. The ESS works by setting an energy savings target for electricity retailers (AGL, Energy Australia etc). These energy retailers meet their target by obtaining and surrendering ESCs which represent delivered energy efficiencies (such as changing to our energy efficient lighting options, for example).

One ESC represents one tonne of carbon dioxide that has been saved through reductions in the demand for electricity through energy saving initiatives. Energy retailers can obtain ESCs in two ways:

-   By delivering energy efficiency upgrades directly.

-   By purchasing them from specialist companies accredited to conduct energy saving projects (such as Urban Group Energy – supplier of the T5 Eco-Saver to replace T8, T10 and T12 fluorescent tubes – to whom we (Easily Green) are accredited agents).

  • 3 Year warranty on the Tube and a 7 Year warranty on the adapter
Urban Group Energy and the ESS

Our supplier, Urban Group Energy is an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP), who are able to create ESCs when we undertake eligible activities that improve energy efficiency in commercial and industrial settings. Our lighting upgardes are an example of this.

The ESS has approved Recognised Energy Savings Activities (RESA) for commercial and industrial settings that can be implemented to increase the efficiency of electricity or reduce electricity consumption. This includes our replacement of existing end-user lighting equipment that consumes excessive electricity. Therefore with a commercial lighting replacement being an approved energy saving activity that consumes less electricity, we are able to replace your existing T8 fluorescent tubes with T5 eco-saver lights for a highly discounted price.

Customers who have their commercial lighting replaced must surrender ESCs to Urban Group Energy who in turn will pass on a financial discount to the customer at the point of sale (in other words, straight away). This is a lifetime energy savings claim upfront (i.e. the energy savings over the 45,000 hour lifetime of the T5 eco-saver). Urban Group Energy will then trade ESCs for energy retailers to purchase to meet their targets.

  • With instant start from electronic ballast there is no flickering when light is turned on

For more information on the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, go to www.ess.nsw.gov.au

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