LED Downlights – Halogen Replacements

A Cost Saving LED Downlight Available in 6W, 7W, 8.5W & 9.5W


Discover How We Can Provide Your Business With Up To 85-90% Energy & Cost Savings on Your Lighting Bills – Our LED Lights Are A Cost Saving Lighting Replacement for Energy Guzzling Halogen Downlights


Ultralite 6W & 7W LED downlight:

6W & 7W LED Commercial Downlight

  • Available in 6W (non-dimmable) & 7W (dimmable)
  • A rated life of 30,000 hours


Key Features:

3 year warranty (lamp & driver), 1 year (lamp only)– held and redeemable here in Australia

–   2 colours in 3200k & 4000k

–   30,000 hour rated life

–   White or brushed chrome faceplate/gimble

–   The NSW ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) discount is offered at POINT OF SALE!


  • An ideal replacement for your existing downlights in hotel common areas and guestrooms, restaurants, foyers, reception areas, retail shops, hallways, shopping centres, etc.


These incredibly efficient lights are available in 6W (non-dimmable) & 7W (dimmable). By replacing your halogen downlights with the ultralamp, you will achieve incredible energy savings (up to 90%!).

Note that this lamp can be fitted using your existing gimble/faceplate if you have a particular need to keep them.


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b-efficient LED Downlights 8.5W & 9.5W:
Industrial & Commercial LED Downlights 8.5 & 9.5W
  • Up to 85% in Energy Savings
  • 20x the lifespan of your traditional 50W Halogens


Key Features:

–   2 year warranty (held and redeemable here in Australia)

–   2 colours in 3200k and 4000K (warm white and natural white light)

–   44,800 hour rated life

–   White or brushed chrome faceplate/gimble

–   Dimmable and non-dimmable

–   The NSW ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) discount is offered at POINT OF SALE!


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  • The b-efficient 8.5W & 9.5W LED Downlight meets all applicable safety and EMC standards.

These 8.5W/9.5W downlights represent massive energy savings – up to 85%. Replacing your traditional 35W/50W Halogen downlights (and existing transformers), they have 20x the lifespan of your traditional 50W Halogens.

The b-efficient LED downlight meets all applicable safety and EMC standards. This is confirmed by the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) it features – the established mark for electrical safety in Australia.

  • Our Halogen Downlight replacement service includes Massive Government Rebates!


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How can we offer the LED Downlights at such a huge discounted rate?

Our Downlights are accredited for use under the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme. This scheme provides guaranteed rebates for energy savings in commercial and industrial dwellings. The huge rebates therefore come from the significant energy savings that are created when we replace the energy guzzling Halogen downlights for our energy-efficient LED lights. And all of this, supplied and installed by an accredited electrician.

What is the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme?

The Energy Savings Scheme is a NSW Government backed and funded initiative that approves Recognised Energy Savings Activities (RESA) in both commercial and industrial settings. Activities are only approved if they increase the energy efficiency of the commercial or industrial dwelling, and/or they reduce the consumption of electricity in these settings. Therefore our replacement service of energy guzzling halogen downlights, with energy efficient LED Downlights generates these approved energy savings certificates which allow us to provide you with significantly reduced prices.

How do Energy Saving Certificates Work?

Energy Saving Certificates are provided for energy saving activities and come in the form of rebates. When greater energy savings are created more energy saving certificates are recognised, which allows us to provide greater rebates for your business when you replace your inefficent lighting for our energy efficient lighting options.

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How do We Ensure Professional Supply and Operational implementation of the Works?

Easily Green are experienced Project Managers, having 40 years experience in the construction industry. We take care of the entire process for you, including all paperwork that is required for the ESC discount, we even go one step further and apply this discount at point of sale! Our project management skills are expressed in the below excerpt from a testimonial by Chubb Fire & Security:

“Our dealings with the company were smooth and seamless right from the quoting process through the complicated path of compliance paperwork to implementation and wrap-up.”

If you would like a free lighting survey and quote in order to have these cost-saving LED Downlights supplied and installed under the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), or would just like some further information, please book a lighting survey here, or call us on 1300 286 805.