Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting

Receive Immediate Cost Savings of 50-90% on Your Business’
Lighting Bills – Perfect For Strata Management Companies

Discover Energy-Efficient Lighting Options for Your Business at Significantly Reduced NSW ESS-Subsidised Prices


The NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme (NSW ESS):
Easily Green through the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme is providing cost-effective lighting replacement services to commercial and industrial dwellings

Our Lighting Products:
  • Are industry leaders in energy-efficiency
  • Provide immediate cost savings for your business
  • Are significantly subsidized by Government rebates.
  • Have industry-leading return on investments
  • Have much longer rated life spans than conventional lighting. So forget about needing to replace them any time soon!

Our Service (free of charge – no cost to the client) includes the following:
  • We assess your current lighting & energy consumption.
  • We recommend those lights most suitable and those best value for money, all with warranties held here in Australia
  • We provide a detailed Quote, with Return On Investment calculations & Carbon Savings, to make the decision easy for you
  • We make all necessary applications to the administrator of the NSW Govt’s Energy Savings Scheme (NSW ESS) to ensure the maximum discount available under the program, on your behalf (we love paperwork, we know you don’t)
  • We liase with the supplier, the accredited electricians and the client to ensure the project is handled in the most professional and efficient manner (our vast experience in the Building & Construction industry equips us to do this very well)

Our Products that we offer include:


Depending upon your lighting needs this replacement service can be free of charge due to the huge Government subsidies involved, therefore providing an instant return on savings on commercial and industrial electricity bills.

Our Philips LED Downlight can be supplied and installed at 69% off retail price when replacing your existing energy-guzzling Halogen Downlights, and achieves cost savings of up to 80%.

We also have a T5 Eco-Saver that replaces fluorescent tubes is also heavily subsidised and has a return on invesetment of around 6-12 months.

Green Loans BlueprintsEasily Green, Through the NSW Government backed Energy Savings Scheme is providing energy-saving lighting replacement services to commercial and industrial dwellings.
For more informantion please visit the respective pages for each lighting replacement upgrade, by clicking on the links below. You may also choose to book your own free lighting survey for your business by using the link below.

Our Products that we offer include:

T5 Eco-Saver – A standard T8, T10 and T12 fluorescent tube replacement
Philips 10W MASTER LED MR16 Downlight – A Dimmable Replacement for Halogen Downlights
B-efficient LED Shoplighter 28W & 38W
B-efficient 5-inch and 8-inch Round LED Downlight
Ultralite 6W & 7W LED downlight – A Dimmable/Non-Dimmable Halogen Replacement
B-efficient LED Downlights 8.5W & 9.5W – A Dimmable/Non-Dimmable Halogen Replacement