Commercial Solar Solutions

Easily Green specialise in commercial and industrial solar, offering your business a sustainable option to reduce electricity costs.

We can supply, install and maintain the solar unit with no upfront costs! Pay only for the energy you use through our power purchase...

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Air-conditioning & Refrigeration

Improve C.O.P (co-efficiency of performance) by up to 25%!

Your unit will be treated with a thermo-conductive solution to remove and also replace the layer of non-conductive lubricating oil that is clogging the coil system of the evaporator and condenser. Learn More


Cost-Saving Commercial Lighting

Easily Green offers a wide range of quality energy efficient lighting, including T5 fluoros and LEDs. Save 50%-85% on your lighting bills by upgrading your old lights.

We provide a significant discount at point-of-sale (via ESCs) through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme... Learn More


Easily Green recently undertook work for Chubb Security. Here are a few excerpts from the pdf testimonial. You can also download a full version of the pdf testimonial below. The process for us was made extrememly easy given the…


Easily Green is a family business, based out of Sydney, Australia. Having 40 years experience in the construction industry and commercial building we were ever aware of the need for a greener, more …



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